Monday, 1 September 2014

Mokoia Intermediate (P3)


1. What school do you go to?

Mokoia Intermediate

2. What is something special about your school?

Mokoia has an amazing fitness programme that we do every morning before we start our learning. We are very privileged to be able to try out lots of different sports and represent our school at a range of events and levels. I think our fitness programme makes us stand out athletes. 

The opportunities Mokoia gives us for everything. Sport going to Aims, camp leaders, house captains, house competitions and lots of learning opportunities like Rotomaths and news team. I think our school gets along really well together because we are quite a small school.

The sports opportunities are awesome. We can try out different sports and go to lots of events. We are such a small school that all the teachers and students know us really well. Even when you do something small you get noticed for it and I like that. 

3. What is something you have enjoyed learning about this year?

I have really enjoyed speeches. It is a different type of learning from normal and I got to choose my own topic. I chose to research and talk about ivory smuggling. I discovered that the items they make from ivory were beautiful but the slaughter of elephants is a tragedy. 

I really enjoyed learning about my exploration topic. I chose to research about hostile environments. I chose Caracus, Venezuela. I liked this topic because I like researching and planning out my budget to visit there. I used IMovie to present my work and I had never used that app before. 

I liked Genius Hour. Genius hour =  we chose a topic we would do for a term. It was our passion time to create something we were interested in. I chose to make a Hunger Games P.E. game. I got to work in a group with my friends and I enjoyed all the research and effort we put into this. 

4. What do you like most about living in Rotorua?

I love that it is a small town and I know a lot of people from different schools. I like being able to go and swim at the lake and mountain bike in the forest. I am glad I don't live in a place like Auckland because it is so busy all the time and too much traffic. 

I love living on a farm. I like spring the best because we get to have pet calves and lambs. I like using my farm to train for cross country. I really like the forest as well.

Swim training with Hank. This is all I really do because I pretty much do squad training every day.

5. What do you most like doing on your computer/ipad/devices at your school to help your learning?

I like Minecraft. It is helped me with understand co-ordinates, symmetry, maths (area/volume/perimeter), visualising, explain and design new modern structures and being creative. I love using quiz up in reading time it has helped me to read faster and my general knowledge on a range of subjects.

I like Minecraft. It helps me to be design buildings and lots of other cool stuff. I also like Quiz Up because I like to challenge other people. 

I like Kodu Game Lab. I like all the programming and seeing how things work inside the programme. 

6. Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your learning, your class or your school?

In our school we all work well together, we have a strong bond and that reflects in our learning because we all help and support each other. This is not something that just happens in the classroom is happens during trips, camps and out in the playground. I am proud to be a house captain and to be able to take on lots of leadership roles.

I love our class, we all have lots of fun together. We have had lots of good times in our class. My favourite subject is reading and writing. My ambition is to be triathlete and a teacher. I am excited to go and compete in AIMs games this week on Sunday for cross country and next week for the multisport. 

We have got the coolest, amazing, fun teacher. I want to be a swimmer when I am older and I want to break world records. I really like to play with a ball at break times with people in my class. 


  1. Well done Mokoia Intermediate, a great blog post. I really like the idea of the 'genius hour'. Being able to design your own learning activities sounds like a great way to explore things that you are passionate about.
    From Mrs Kitto (Clyde school)

  2. Congrats at being the first to post on this Blog and showcase Rotorua. Sounds like you have a lot of engaging opportunities at Mokoia and you are right Rotorua is an awesome place to live.