Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A quick review by Moenah, Adele and Jordan....

Our school is Mokoia Intermediate.

Mokoia has got a lot of different opportunities for different people in the school such as: Sport (a lot of sport), Stage Challenge, Production, Kapa Haka, Student Council, House Captain, Camp (basic and flash), Inter-House Competitions, Maths Competitions, Band Competitions, Tough Guy/Girl Challenge and a whole lot more.

One of our favorite things in class was doing a novel study on the book Divergent with fun and interesting activities to understand the book better. Also our pathbrite (digital portfolio).
Making and firing our catapults for science, having an awesome teacher, Social studies, experimenting with our green screen, blogging, seeing Aida (production by RGHS and RBHS), our speeches and so much more.

We like Rotorua because of the clean air, the free space and we have some really nice locals.

We find Google Docs really cool. You can make your own presentation/ spreadsheet/ document/ drawing/ form and you can share it with friends, family, classmates or even your teacher.

Mokoia is a small school which is really cool because you know everyone by face or name.

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  1. My name is Mrs Reedy from Lytton High School in Gisborne. What a neat blog. Making and Firing Rockets. Cool. I used to teach Physics and loved firing water rockets on the front field. What a fun school you go to. Thanks for this post Mrs M.