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Malfroy School by Julie, Millie, Ryan and Alexa

Our School Korowai

This is a Thinglink... it shares the values of our school

Our School Has Many Programmes:

Transition to School

When you are 4 years old, you can come to school one afternoon a week and learn about what school is like ready for when you turn 5.


We have a Montessori class that follows the teaching philosophy of  Dr. Maria Montessori.


There is Junior Rumaki class at Malfroy School and a Middle/Senior class.


We have a lot of support for learning literacy at our school. We have Ngati Whakaue support and Reading Recovery support and PPP.

Life Education

Harold and Bernie visit us every year so we can learn about ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and our health. We love this!


We go to Rotorua Aquatic Centre every year and learn how to swim. We do a water safety course that is important because we life in a place with 16 lakes.

Education out of the Classroom [EOTC]

We get to go to exciting places and go on overnight camps that give us opportunity to push our own boundaries, develop excellent friendships and learn to support and encourage each other. Camps are the BEST! This year we went to Tui Ridge.
Tui Ridge Senior Camp 2014 on PhotoPeach

We are Seniors and have Responsibilities


In order to become an ambassador, you need to be nominated and have and interview. We (Julie and Millie) were selected as having 'the right stuff' and got to go on a leadership development programme and attend the National Young Leaders day.

As Ambassadors we are involved in meeting and greeting visitors, helping with junior and middle school classes, assisting in the playground at break times, and representing our school.


Dynomos are senior students who are selected and trained to organise and run lunch time games for the junior and middle school students. Ryan is a Dynamo, this suits his bouncy personality.


Alexa, Julie and Millie are Librarians. They are responsible for issuing and returning books, and filing books onto the shelves.

Road Patroller

Ryan helps keep kids safe by being out at the zebra crossing in the rain and the sun and the frost and the wind. "Signs out!, Wait Please! Check! Safe! Cross now please! Signs in!" Says Ryan.


Alexa and Ryan are Receoptionists. They get a welcome desk at the reception office of the school and are responsible for meeting and greeting visitors, answering the phone and taking messages. They also help the office staff with anything they need.

ICT Leaders

We are ICT Leaders at Malfroy School. This is what we enjoy the most!

The best part of being an ICT Leader this year is that we established our own 'real' business: The Malfroy Market. You can view our business ventures here

We have our own school blog where our teacher (she calls herself a 'facilitator' though) leaves instructions for us and where we showcase our learning outcomes. You can view this blog here.

One of the coolest things about an ICT Leader is that we get to explore many different Web 2.0 Tools and Apps that encourage us to think, collaborate, create and connect. It is AWESOME!

And, we earn badges for our successes. Check them out!

Web 2.0 Badges on PhotoPeach

Below are some outcomes we want to share with you.

Bomomo Digital Art Competition Entry

Psykopainted Tiger

Graffiti Creation

Jackson Pollock Digital Art

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