Wednesday, 15 October 2014


We are from MOKOIA INTERMEDIATE!  We are a year 7 digital class and we love to have fun and work together.  We are a class that believes strongly in our school values of Honesty, Relationships, Respect and Learning.  We love being in P2!

Here are our answers to the questions:

This year we have enjoyed heaps of things such as, Minecraft, storys, playing with each other, school trips, Inquiry, making new friends, making the Typhoon Bothers in term 2, Speeches and our Teachers.  We are a very good and small school.

This year the teachers have been awesome and the learning is so much fun. We also get alot of opportunities including sports, performing arts, technology and much more.  We al follow values that make a great class and school.

In Rotorua I like going to the skyine gondola because of the luge ride and the Jelly Belly shop.  
I like the nice clean lakes around Rotorua because they have the tastiest trout.  
I like the Redwoods and biking areas in Rotorua because it's a peaceful place to spend the weekends.  I like Te Puia Geothermal Park because of a the gysers and hot water pools.  It was a great experience for me.  
I like the beautiful flowers in the city and the Maori Culture is alive here.  I also love how clean Rotorua is.

Mokoia is special because it is a nice small school and we all know each other.  We have a variety of activities for morning tea and lunchtimes.  We have awesome opportunities like the Devon exchange, Arts options on Friday, Technology, Digital Classes and Alternative education week.  We have a Bike track in our school!  We get to go fishing and kayaking at camp and we have awesome teachers!

As we are a digital class we love to use our computers for learning.  We use all sorts of different websites and devices to create the learning environment we need.  Readum is an online reading site where we read through the computer screen.  We use Google docs as it is a way we can all write at the same time with different computers.  Using Storybird is a way for us to create stories from peoples art.  We do so much more and we hope you have as much fun as we do!

Here is our class blog:  Please take a look and comment on our adventure in learning.

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