Monday, 20 October 2014

Rotorua School for Young Parents

Kia ora koutou.

We are very excited to be participating in Pass the Blog.  We are a teen parent unit based in Rotorua.  We study N.C.E.A levels 1,2 and 3 while our children are cared for across the playground at our childcare.  We thought that we would ask interested students to answer the questions from the blog.
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Question 1 - What is something special about your school?
Moana - It's a friendly environment and everybody is very welcoming.
Sasha- We are a very close school, being treated like adults gives us the self motivation we all need to learn what we are interested in learning and at our own pace. Cutting out any teacher student tension.
Stevee-Lee- That we can study at our own pace and do whatever subject we choose at anytime instead of a set timetable like other schools.
Te-Mou- At out school its much easier to work and go at your own pace. Everyone is so nice and there is no drama to worry about.
Morgan- At our school they give us many more opportunities than at other schools, and you can work at our own pace. Everyone has a lot of respect for each other.
Catherine-The most special thing about school is that my baby is right next door while I study.

Marie- The special thing about this school is that we don't have to hide anything and we can feel comfortable to ask or tell the teachers anything.
Destina- Special thing about this school is knowing that even though we have to study and keep up on work we are still able to be mums at the same time.
Andrea- A special thing about our school is that we have support in everything we do, whether it be doing school work to even when we have problems in our own lives
Gina: The teacher's are down to earth and are very understanding.

Question 2 - What is something you have enjoyed learning about this year?
Moana - That nothing is hard if you give it a go
Sasha- I've enjoyed doing the courses such as first aid and barista.
Stevee-Lee- I've enjoyed a lot this year like our amazing end of the term trips, also doing different courses and being a team.
Te-Mou- I enjoyed doing the first aid course and learning new hobbies.
Morgan- I enjoyed doing the schools amazing race, and learning new things like crochet, quilting, and lip balm making.
Catherine - So far I'm enjoying getting through my level 1 maths with flying colours and learning heaps of different math techniques.
Marie- I enjoyed doing the courses and trying different courses.
Destina- The trips, auctions and just being with everyone including my son :)
Andrea- This year I have enjoyed learning about our own health and wellness and accomplishing the goals we strive towards.
Gina: I've enjoyed learning about the different subjects that'll contribute towards the career I wish to pursue.

Question 3 - What do you most like about living in Rotorua?
Moana - It's away from mum. LOL
Sasha- I have my mum around for anything.  I love that I can return back to R.S.F.Y.P next year.
Stevee-Lee-I have family and friend support in Rotorua. Also my great teachers that help and support us are right here. 
Te-Mou- I have all my family around and close friends.
Morgan- I like how a lot of my family live here, and how the towns quite small so friends are always near.
 Catherine - Mainly because I know the town and also my friends and family are here
Marie- Well I'm from here so pretty much family reasons and great support.

Destina- Family and friends. Rotorua will always be my home no matter where I go.
Andrea- A beautiful Maori cultural place where I know is a safe place to raise my daughter.

Gina: Rotorua is where I was born and raised, so to me; Rotorua is home.

Question 4 -What do you most like doing on your computer/ipad/ devices at school to help your learning?
Moana - Finding the answer to something difficult by using google.
Sasha- I'm not much of a fan of laptops and Ipads I prefer sticking with pen and paper but I will always be up for a game of Kahoot! Where we do quizzes or surveys of the different activities we do.
Stevee-Lee- Searching things that may help me with my school work . I also enjoy reading on the kindle. Another thing is definitely the game Kahoot!
Te-Mou- I like to play Kahoot! As a class on the ipads, and I get a lot of information off the internet from the laptops and ipads.
Morgan- The computers/laptops/ipads make work so much easier and faster. I like how you can go on google drive and share my work with my teachers.
Catherine-I like Mathaletics as well as GOOGLE. Google is my favourite website to use for all sorts of information.
Marie- Researching information for my school work. learning more things about these devices.
Destina- Looking up answers that we need and having fun with activities such as Kahoot-it. 
Andrea- Being able to look up things when we need to research thing we don't know about. Making CV's to help us get employment.Gina: When in need of a second opinion, being able to seek many via google.
Question 5 - Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your learning, your class or school?
Moana - I have a 2yr old baby boy named Manawa , I need 3 more credits to pass numeracy level 1.
Sasha- Rotorua School for Young Parents is very warm and welcoming, having the day care on site is very comforting for myself having my oldest daughter Mia there and soon her sister. We are more like one big whanau.
Stevee-Lee- I am very new to parenting  and so  I am glad that I have so much support up at RSFYP. I love how the day-care is by the school and I can go see my daughter Airah-lee.
Te-Mou- I love this school because of how much support I get about being a teen mum, it makes it much easier to get a good education.   
Morgan- I think this school gives teen mothers a great chance to get the education they want and I like how they also make it fun!
Catherine-There's nothing much really just that its a awesome school and the best part is my daughters right there when I need my fix of cuddles <3 :)
Marie- Well I started this school when I was 7 months pregnant and had no NCEA level 1 credits. Now I have completed NCEA level 1 and gaining credits for level 2.  This school has really helped me to achieve everything I need in life.

Destina- Loving that even though I hated English throughout my school life, this school has managed to help me improve my literacy in a very easy and fun way.
Andrea- This school has helped me build my self confidence in everything and has taught me that I can reach my goals and go even further than I thought I could in my future.
Gina: I LOVE my school. RSFYP has so much to offer it's students and I'm so grateful that there is something in place like this for us young parents. 
Wakata:  that my school enrols all year that my teachers and class mates all look out for each other. I just love my school all together


  1. I love hearing the passion for learning here. It sounds like many of your courses are so interesting. I need to be a barista as i drink so much coffee but can nebver get it the way they do in the shops.
    sasha mentioned kahoot; what a great quiz platform that is. i only found out about it yesterday.
    A special hello to Stevee-Lee - i'm pretty sure i used to be one of her primary school teachers.
    Well done ladies. I loved reading your collected thoughts.

  2. What awesome opportunities you have, it is very encouraging to hear how you are getting on. Thanks for sharing ladies. A real feel of connectedness here.