Thursday, 30 October 2014

Upper Atiamuri School

1.                  What school do you go to?

Ko Upper Atiamuri te kura. ( Upper Atiamuri School)

2.                  What is something special about your school?

We only have 30 kids in our school. We are a very active school.

Our symbol is a fantail. It is special because it represents being intelligent and inquisitive.

 We are a multi-cultural school and we have a trampoline, lots of sports gear, and a gully and lots of space to run around.

We’ve got our very own culture. We have mixed ages and cultures. Everyone is equal no matter what and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

Everyone is nice and caring.

Our school only has 30 children, our cultural diversity, everyone does kapa haka everyone enjoys it no matter what our culture.

We also have flower day, winter sports, Pet day and fun trips.

We have a swimming pool and a tramp. Not many schools have a tramp.
Everyone tries their best.

Sometimes we get to have a puppy in our classroom while we work we also have a   gully to do epic adventures in.

The teachers are awesome!

3.                  What is something you have enjoyed learning about this year?

I’ve enjoyed learning about different places and my past ancestors.

Learning new sports like soccer and rugby.

Learning kapahaka and doing science experiments.

We love art.

We have enjoyed getting the opportunities to learn physics and multiplications to get us a good understanding of the work and it challenges your mind.

The Commonwealth Games. We really enjoyed learning about the values of the games, to help us succeed and have good values in life.

4.                  What do you most like about living in Atiamuri (Rotorua)?

There are lots of dairy farms and sheep farms.

Our community in Atiamuri is so small, everyone knows everyone else. Everyone is nice and supports each other.

I like all the different cultures and all the animals.

We like all the animals and space to play and run around and we don’t have to listen to the trucks race past, we also don’t have street lights shining in our eyes.

It’s nice to go to all the places in Rotorua and living in the country it’s dark and you can see all the stars at night.

I love living on a marae. There are unexpected surprises and opportunities. Like doing a karanga (welcoming call) at a powhiri.

5.         What do you most like doing on your computers/iPads/devices at school to help your learning?

We really like maths games. We learn heaps and it’s fun too!

All I like is that we actually have computers and other technology to me I think we’re very lucky.

The cool educational games. It helps us by researching and finding facts for your learning. We also play games that help our learning and we also use them for publishing our work.

We like to play maths games. We really like going on

I like the odd games that help you develop skills that you never thought possible.

I like listening to music on devices because it helps me get lost into my work. Also I like singing so it gives me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

6.                  Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your learning, your class or your school?

The year 7/8s are currently doing the William Pike Challenge and we do lots of fun things during the year. We have been Rock climbing and bike rides in the forest. We are going Kayaking and are going to spend a night in the bush.

Well I’m not a very intelligent type of girl, but with the teachers and the class environment it helps me to focus and achieve my goals! (Mrs Needham thinks she is intelligent!)

Well I like how we get to learn other peoples cultures and get to learn to speak their language to  me this  school is like home to me  and I bet you would want to come to our school. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and thoughts about your school. It sounds like you get to experience interesting programmes and activities. Having your own pool is great. I wonder how you decide who goes on the trampoline?

    Mrs Needham and I used to teach in the same school so it's great to see you all here. I hope this spurs you on to do more blogging.