Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pass the Blog - Western Heights High School

Kia ora koutou!

My name is Miss Le Long and our awesome Western Heights High School students have put together a massive range of responses for you all. I asked our students to be honest, uphold our school's mana and pride and above all else help show why Heights is an awesome school to be a part of.

Huge thanks to everyone that was involved in putting this blog post together! Pics to come soon :)

Morgan-Jo (Year 10)
  1. I go to Western Heights High School
  2. Some special things about WHHS is the many various sports and activities around the school, and supportive teachers.
  3. Things I enjoyed learning at Heights is the depth my social studies teacher goes into in historical learning eg. Nazis, Genocide, Ebola etc
  4. I like all my friends and family that live in Rotorua - so we can kick back.
  5. My school is pretty cool considering I don’t like school.

Sativa (Year 10)
  1. Western Heights High School
  2. Something special about my school is the teachers. Most people (students) and especially our work.
  3. I enjoy all my classes at school, mostly English and Maths.
  4. The best thing about living in Rotorua is how friendly most people are and just everything.
  5. On my ipad I like playing sudoku and stuff to help with my maths.
  6. Schools great!

Nando (Year 11)
  1. Western Heights
  2. The Volleyball at this school is very good
  3. Classical studies. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it this year.
  4. The country and the tourism eg. Mountain Biking
  5. Research on Google/Internet
  6. No

2. We have a very lovely music department. We have lots of musical instruments and the soundboards, amps, etc
3. A widespread of musical knowledge that I can take on to my senior years.
4. I like the Youth Centre - it's very useful for young people who don't want to hang out at home and the nurses there are good.
5. We are not allowed to use devices at school yet. I have a fun math game that teaches a wide variety of mathematical skills. Professor Digit?
6. I love food!

Zak (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Hockey
  3. Accounting - I’ve learnt alot!
  4. Because it’s my home town
  5. Check my credits…
  6. One word - “hockey”!!!

Daniel (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  1. Hockey
  2. Health Promotion and PE
  3. Because it’s my home town
  4. Check my credits to motivate myself - using the laptops
  5. One word - “Hockey”!

Daesha (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  1. Inclusion with sports and friendly people
  2. Chinese. It gets a bit hard at times, but it’s interesting.
  3. Tourists. We get a lot of foreigners come to school.
  4. I use Chinese apps for the subject - “Train Chinese”. I’m allowed to bring it into class. It’s very useful and the teacher doesn’t mind me using it as it is helpful.
  5. A few people are nice and sociable. The teachers are helpful.

Bailey (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Math teachers are very helpful!
  3. I liked learning about artworks and how to write about them.
  4. I love the great things you can do eg. mountainbiking
  5. Google
  6. Our school provides good sports opportunities

Makaela (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Something special about my school is how welcoming they are of everyone. The education is really good too.
  3. Spanish and genetics in Science.
  4. I like the Redwoods. We are so lucky to have somewhere nice and shaded to run.
  5. in Spanish, but we aren’t allowed electronics at our school.
  6. I would recommend our school so much! I have had the best experience here and the education is really amazing as long as you try. Besides the usual girl drama, I’ve been nothing but happy at WHHS.

Riley (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. We have a really good bi-lingual unit.
  3. I have enjoyed learning about the cultures in the region.
  4. I like living in Rotorua because we have such a strong cultural atmosphere.
  5. Google.
  6. We have a real good canteen!

Alie (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Really good sports development recognise and encourage sport.
  3. Theory in PE.
  4. The Redwoods, Mountain Biking. Really lucky to have some of the best MTB track in the world on our doorstep.
  5. Doing research on google. NCEA Exemplars.

Anna (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Our school has special house groups which makes us closer as a school and motivates us to be engaged.
  3. I enjoy learning different formula in Maths.
  4. The lakes and forests around Rotorua make it the best place to live, it’s also close to beaches and towns.
  5. Doing research by looking at pictures on Google. We don’t use devices at school but when we have COW’s and ipads I like to use Google.
  6. I love this school because we are like a family. We get offered so much different stuff. We have a great canteen. Awesome teachers who help us all the time.

Sascha-Lee (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Some of the people I’ve met. They’ve been really supportive and friendly.
  3. Health promotion.
  4. Everyone kind of knows everyone.
  5. We currently don’t have devices to have access to those resources.
  6. Everyone’s friendly.

Sharnye (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Some of the people are nice, and teachers are okay sometimes.
  3. PE/Fabric
  4. Good friends around the area
  5. We aren’t allowed these devices at school yet.
  6. We’re all close at Heights.

Daniel (Year 11)
  1. Heights
  2. We’re really good at Volleyball.
  3. Health Promotion
  4. Everything is close.
  5. Music,Google, Wikipedia
  6. The teachers are pretty kickback. If you play volley you get looked after.

Karmelle (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. The people are really cool and there’s a good education.
  3. Health Promotion
  4. My friends and family all live here and everyone is/ everything is close.
  5. We don’t have these resources yet.
  6. Everyone is like a big family here.

Briar (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. I like the teachers and the things available.
  3. Making new friends! Learning 7 Scipads in Year 11. Cambridge Science.
  4. The lakes and small community.
  5. We do not have permission to use devices in school, however I use language learning apps.
  6. Making heaps of new friends and getting involved in our activities.

Leah (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. It has enhanced in their sports
  3. I have enjoyed learning about Science because it’s all new to me and there is so much to learn.
  4. The activities and outdoor sports.
  5. GOogle because it has all the information I need to look up.

Mikel (Exchange Student) (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Endorsements - it is a privilege for students who find it hard to achieve in their assessments.
  3. I enjoyed learning about the culture of this country and how they treat every aspect of their life - especially as students regarding their education.
  4. Scenic areas and peaceful environment
  5. Go into websites like Google and Wikipedia and search up some recent community issues and some updates regarding the latest technological advancements.
  6. Haven’t really got in too much depth yet at this school.

Sherrick (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. I love the Music department!
  3. I have enjoyed learning about body language -  how people act and respond to certain things and how a person’s well-being helps themselves and others.
  4. I enjoy going to my church and being in a family environment. I love being in my church. I like how Rotorua is so close to the lakes and there are also a lot of attraction sites here. Also Rotorua is a beautiful place.
  5. Google.
  6. Stage Challenge is good which allows you to express yourself, and they are good at encouraging.

Liz (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. The teachers especially the maths teachers. Because they’re quite helpful.
  3. I liked learning about accounting.
  4. The great things to do eg. Mountain biking
  5. Google.
  6. Our school have quite a good sports based vibe and a lot of opportunities.

Amy (Year 11)
  1. WHHS
  2. Teachers. I love all the teachers at this school. They are all helpful, nice and caring.
  3. I have liked learning about all the 7 SciPads that we have learnt in Cambridge Science.
  4. I like that there’s heaps of lakes and water activities to participate in.
  5. I like using the camera to take photos of notes but only certain teachers allow this.
  6. There are so many opportunities at this school in which I try to take part in most.


  1. Thanks so much everyone. There is such a range of ideas and opinions. I wonder if you could comment on the blogs of the younger students?

  2. Think that's a great idea! Will get a few students to have a read though :)

  3. WOW.... just Wow! I learnt a lot about Western Heights High School by reading all this and see why my son loves going there. What a great community. Sooooo many learning opportunities!