Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lynmore Learners

Lynmore  Learners

Here are some video clips from some students at Lynmore Primary School.   They were asked how Lynmore was special to them or what is special about Lynmore to you.   Enjoy the clips.   Please comment on all aspects of this post, because I am a dinosaur and despite a few hiccups, I have managed to publish this post.   
I thank, those children in the clips and Annemarie Hyde for her endless patience and Wendy Stafford, for her amazing ICT knowledge, particularly, around Apple.  


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  1. I love watching videos because it is great to listen to real student voice. We are so lucky that we have options for how we can communicate our ideas. Thank you Miss Watson, for this post.
    I hope that you keep posting. Blogging is such a great way of sharing writing and video with an authentic audience.